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Commitment to Quality

During the washing & cleaning process each garment is checked for foreign objects. Items such as plastic pens will dissolve in the solvent bath and may damage textiles beyond recovery. Some textile dyes are ‘loose’(red being the main culprit), and will shed dye during solvent immersion. These will not be included in a load along with lighter-color textiles to avoid color transfer. The solvent used must be distilled to remove impurities that may transfer to the clothing.

We promise to always provide value and outstanding service. You will love the results that we can get with our combination of latest technology, special chemicals and experienced professionals.

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Step 1

Bag up all your dirty clothes

Step 2

We pick up your

Step 3

We clean your

Step 4

We deliver clean, folded clothes

Environmental Commitment

At ME Laundry’s we are dedicated to offering our customers the best service at the highest quality without compromising the environment. To show our environmental commitment we offer the following services:

Environmental Bags: Do your part for the environment and ask your local ME Laundry’s for an environmental bag. The ME Laundry’s Environmental Bag is designed for convenience and to help protect our environment. This bag will be reused for every order you drop-off or pick-up from Hillary’s and it’s personalized.

Hanger Recycling: Bring in your used hangers to your preferred Hillary’s location and we will recycle them for you. To make the process even easier, ME Laundry’s has designed a hanger box that you can use to organize and store your used hangers until you are ready to return them to one of our stores.

Plastic Cover Bag Recycling: At ME Laundry’s we encourage our customers to recycle the plastic cover bags. At each of our stores you will find a blue box receptacle where you can return all poly bag covers.

Lets do our part for the environment.